The Company provides subscribers Dime World services under the terms and conditions contained in the following provisions (“Provisions”).Please read the Provisions carefully to protect your own rights and interests. By beginning the use of Dime World, it means that the subscriber has read, understood and agreed to comply with the Provisions. When subscriber continues the use of Dime World after change and / or revision of the Provisions, it shall be deemed as having read, understood and agreed to comply with such revision. In the case that a subscriber is younger than 20 years old, not only the subscriber shall comply with the Provisions, but also the parents (or guardian) shall also read, understand and agree for that subscriber’s compliance with all the content of the Provisions before that subscriber is allowed to use or continually use Dime World. Continuous use of Dime World after any change or revision of the Provision shall be deemed as the parents (or guardian) have also read, understood and agreed to comply with the revision or change of the Provisions.

Service Content and Fees : The Company provides all kinds of voice/data card downloading service through Dime World service platform. Subscribers may browse, check, apply, purchase, use product services or acquire information through the platform. In downloading, applying, purchasing or using any kind of phone number service through Dime World, subscribers not only must acquire terminal equipment necessary for the services and pay the necessary fees (including but not limited to software preloading transmission charge), but also are deemed to agree and must comply with the terms and conditions of use and relevant instructions and / or product descriptions in the Dime World (including brief description and details production information linking to relevant web site), and shall pay the products usage fees and other related charges in accordance with the procedure as set by the Company.

Subscriber’s Data and Privacy Protection : When applying to be a subscriber of Dime World, users shall provide detail, complete and real personal data and if any of such data is changed after registration, subscribers shall update online from time to time according to the regulations announced by the Company. In the event that any personal data provided by subscribers is found to be untrue, incomplete or outdated due to failure in revising, or the personal data provided violate or break away from the service purpose of the Company or is bearing risk of misleading, the Company shall be entitled to terminate the qualification of subscriber or prevent the subscriber from using any part or all of the product services of the Company. Any personal information registered or provided by subscriber, such as name, telephone number, address, e-mail address and other personal information is subject to protection of laws, without approval of subscribers or requirements by laws, the Company will never disclose to any third party. For the personal date registered or provided by subscribers, the subscribers agree that the Company, the cooperating business partners, may, within reasonable scope, collect, process, preserve, transmit and use such personal data for the purpose of statistical analysis of data, network behavior survey and research, notifying promotion activities or other legal use. Detail covenant regarding use and protection of Dime World Subscribers’ data, subscribers agree and accept to follow the Privacy Right and Personal Data Protection Statement. Responsibility and Obligations of Subscribers : In using the Dime World product services, subscribers shall comply with respect to the laws and regulations in the related countries, all related rules and customs as well as the Provisions, if any conduct or behavior of a subscriber is found to be unlawful, the subscriber shall assume related legal responsibility, and the Company will actively report to and cooperate with judicial agency or related competent agency to conduct investigation. In the event a subscriber violates the Provisions or related laws and / or regulations and such violation in infringes other’s rights and causes damage or brings expenses to the Company, its affiliate company, employee, assignee, agent, or related performance assistant (including but not limited to litigation expenses and lawyer fees in civil, criminal, or administrative procedures), the user shall compensate for such damages.

Suspension or Termination of Services : When any one of the following events happens on the service platform, the Company shall be entitled to suspend or terminate provision of service forthwith without prior notice and the Company shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience, disturbance or damage to the subscribers or third parties: (1)Conducting function maintenance necessary for the system equipments; (2)Sporadic system equipment failure or interruption of communication network; (3)The applied service is stopped or out of service for any reason; or (4) out of service due to Force Majeure, such as Act of God. Because of the characteristics in mobile communication, subscribers understand and agree that they shall adopt protection measures by themselves as using Dime World. Should the product services be totally or partially interrupted or temporarily out of service, delayed or error or there is omission in data transmission or storage, or 3rd party intrusion of the system and forgery or tampered data due to failure, out of order of network system software and / or hardware of the Company, business cooperating partners or related telecommunication operator, the Company shall not be held responsible for damages. In the event subscribers violate the Provisions or related laws or regulations or have any other inappropriate use, or unlawful or improper conducts that infringe right of the Company or third party, the Company may limit or terminate such subscribers’ using of Products provided by the Company without prior notice, and such subscribers shall not claim for compensation or damages arising therefrom. Upon expiration of validity of the subscription of the Product Number, loss of Number card, the Company may restrict or terminate the right of using the service forthwith without giving prior notice and subscribers shall not claim for any compensation or damages on such cause.

Risk Sharing : Subscribers represent that he/she use any and all the product service willingly and agree to bear any related risk, including but not limited to, breakdown of terminal device and / or loss of data of subscriber due to downloaded product or use the data acquired from the services.

Waiver of Warrant : The Company waives any expressed or implicit warranty of the product services, and refrains from guaranteeing stability, safety, error-free or interruption –free of any and all services of the Company. The Company does not guarantee the results of using services provided by the Company, or the information acquired from using products provided by the Company will meet the expectation of subscribers, and there is neither guarantee that subscribers will be kept away of indecent content.

Limitation on Compensation : The Company shall not be held responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage resulted to subscribers from unavailability of Dime World product services. If the use of the service of subscribers is with consideration, the Company shall be responsible for compensation within the scope of the consideration; however, if the above restriction on compensation is invalid under law, such limitation shall not be applicable.

Special Covenant : Subscriber agrees that he /she will never use the product services of the Company in damaging, infringing, libeling or assaulting the Company, its responsible persons, employees, consultants, affiliate companies, advertisers and related business cooperating partners.

Titleship : All the copyright, patent right, trademark, trade secret and other intellectual property right, titleship and other rights in, on and related to the network and data provided by the service platform of the Company belong to the Company and / or its legal right holders. Except lawfully licensed by the Company or legal right holders, subscriber shall not reproduce, transmit publicly, modify, edit, transfer and disseminate or use in any other form for any purpose, or such subscribers shall assume all legal responsibility.

Linking : The webpage linking function provided by Dime World product service of the Company may connect to website of other individual, company or organization. The purpose of providing such linking is only to facilitate subscribers to collect or obtained information. The Company is not responsible for the authenticity, completeness, real-time nature or reliability of the products, services and information provided in the website of such individual, company or organization and the Company has no employment, appointment, agency, partnership or any other similar relationship with any of the above.

Product Transaction Safety : The Company will provide security and encryption protection over any important personal data provided by subscribers while purchasing products of the Company. Such data will be encrypted with SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer Communication Protocol) which meets international security standard through terminal device of subscriber before transmitting to the service platform of the Company, and even if the data is intercepted by hacker, it is very difficult for hacker to decrypt. Amendment of Provisions and Effect of Individual Provision : The Company reserves the right to add, modify or delete part or all the Provisions or Dime World product service and may make public such revision on the website of the Company from time to time and the revision shall take effect from the time of announcement and there will be no individual notice, and subscriber shall not demand for any compensation or damage on this cause. When any of the clauses of the Provisions or product service is found to be invalid, in part or all, it shall not affect the validity of other clauses or product services. Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction : Subscriber agrees that the interpretation and validity of the Provisions shall be governed under the law of Hong Kong and in case of litigation arising out of the use or any Provisions for the product service of the Company, subscribers and the Company agree to refer the dispute to the District Court in Hong Kong as the court of first instance.