The Company places extreme emphasis on your Privacy Right and complies strictly with the provisions under Personal Information Protection Act. The following is our Protection Declaration, please read it through.

Scope of Application: The content of Privacy Right and Personal Data Protection Declaration refers to the identifiable personal data collected through the processing of subscribers' data in applying Dime World (hereinafter referred to as Dime World ) product service of the Company and in the process of registration and activation, and in online purchasing. The data also covers any identifiable data of subscribers acquired or shared in cooperation of the Company with business partners. The Privacy Protection Policy is not applicable to any company other than the Company and neither applicable to any person outside of employment or administration of the Company.

Personal Data Safety Protection: The products of the Company store personal data of each and every subscriber properly in Data Storage System and strict protection measures are imposed to prevent access of unauthorized person.
Certain services of the Company are provided in cooperation with telecommunication operators. In case a subscriber does not approve to disclose personal data to cooperating partners of the Company, such subscriber has the option to decline these specific services.
Dime World APP uses the SMS permission to write the purchased package onto the SIM card. The information obtained through this permission is only used to provide the core functions of the APP. No data is stored, shared, or used for any other purpose.
In order to complete the specific services, the System may disclose subscribers' personal data to business cooperating partners or related systems. When third party services is necessary for the business operation , the Company will ensure the cooperating partners fulfill their confidential obligation, and the Company will apply necessary inspection procedure to ensure the confidential obligation is fulfilled completely.
Subscribers shall understand and agree that when required under law or within reasonably necessary extent of the following purposes that the Company has to preserve and / or disclose information of subscribers\' information or "Content of Member" to government agency, judicial police or the guardian of minor, the Company shall be entitled to preserve and / or disclose:

  1. Following the requirement of laws and / regulations or orders of government agencies.)
  2. When it is necessary for providing the services offered.
  3. When it is necessary for preventing major damage on interests of other person, or
  4. For preventing immediate danger to the life, body, freedom, right and property of users or the public.

The collection of personal data of subscribers is for confirming identification of user obtaining information from the service platform of the Company and for providing all kinds of service the Company commits to offer. The scope includes: in browsing and joining as subscriber of Dime World, downloading the products / services offered by the Company, subscribers will be requested to provide personal data, including but not limited to name, ID No. Mobile Phone No., Mobile Phone SIM Card No., e-mail address etc.
Collection, Process, Uses of Personal Data and Notices Subscribers understand and agree that the Company, when satisfying the purposes of providing Dime World products may collect personal data of subscribers.
The Company commits to collect, process, use and preserve personal data of subscribers strictly in compliance with Personal Information Protection Act, and promises to use the personal data as stated above only when meeting the purpose in providing Dime World product.
The Company promises that when subscribers require to check, inspect or copy their personal data, and subscribers' identification is verified, the Company will not refuse their request without due causes.
When the contracts between subscribers and the Company are terminated, the Company promises to suspend the processing, using and delete the personal data upon the demand of the subscribers and the Company shall not decline such demand.

Revision of Personal Data: In the event subscriber needs to revise his / her personal data, after confirming the identification, correction / revision may be done through proper path or service channel.

Uses of Webpage Linking: Dime World provides linking with other websites and subscribers may click and enter other websites through the path; however, in linking by such manner, privacy in linking with such not guaranteed.

Revision of Privacy Protection: The Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection Declaration may be amended from time to time as needed to protect the privacy of users. Amended provisions will be posted in official webpages simultaneously.