Basic Requirement
The mobile phone or tablet must not be bound with any contracts provided by telecommunication service providers. It supports models with Android 4.0+ and iOS 8.0 or above.
Iphone : 5s or above model with IOS 8 or Above OS
Android : 4.0 or above OS
Go to iPhone > Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > Under ENTERPRISE APP, select developer name and tap Trust
Please follow below steps :
1.Make sure Dime World SIM card has been installed well.
2.If you are using Android phone, enter the SIM application / SIM Toolkit>[Dime World >[Settings] > tap [Enable compatibility Service/Disable Compatibility Servier] in mobile phone.
3.Reboot your mobile phone.
Go to iPhone > Settings > Phone > Sim Application > DIME World. (Multi Number switch, Card ID Inquiry, Set Up )
Simply reset back to the provided APN of the new Package.Go to Setting- mobile data network - APN (Aceess Point Name)
The sim card itself has no expiration.But the Data Packages purchased Expire in 60 days after purchase.
a) Update iOS version to 11 or above. After update you can now activate Data and Data Roaming and Set APN.
b) If after update of iOS version you still cannot see the APN page, download the APN profile based on the given APN on the package.
Example : Europe package, the APN is uinternet , please download Uinternet :
For ANDROID (dual SIM Card) ,Local Network Name will appear on the Upper left side of the phone once the Sim is Switch on. If it does not appear. Go to Setting > Sim Card Manager and check if sim is recognize on the sim slot info.
If Sim is still not recognize, Take out the Sticker sim and press tightly to home sim and insert back.If still not recognize, Restart the phone.
There are little telecommunication service providers to support remaining balance reminders in APP. User can check the balance by dialing a short code indicated on relevant prepaid package page in APP.
Local Network Name will appear on the Upper left side protion of the phone once the Sim is Switch on. If it does not appea. Go to Setting - ) Sim Card Manager -) and check if sim is recognize on the sim slot info. If Sim is still not recognize, Take out the Sticker sim and press tightly to home sim and insert back.If still not recognize, Restart the Phone. IF after doing all the procedure and the sim is still not recognize, please contact Customer Service.
Make sure that your iOs version is updated ( iOS 11 and above ).If the APP keeps on closing down, we suggest that you delete and reinstall the APP.To delete : On your phone > Go to Settings> General > Profiles & Device Management >Select Asia Telecom Limited>Delete App. Reinstall the APP by scanning the QR code of the APP from your sim cover. Or, go to Home Page and download the APP for iOS.Please remember to trust the "Enterpise App"
All LG mobile Phone units are not supported by Dime World Sim.
Xiaomi Note 4 - For user in Taiwan & China
Asus Zenfone 4 selfies - For user in Hongkong
Huawei Honor 6X - For user in the Philippines

Prepaid package
Expired prepaid packages can no longer be used according to the regulations of various telecommunication service providers. Please purchase new prepaid package in APP if needed.
(1) Please make sure first that your mobile phone has registered onto the local telecommunication network.
(2) Go to APP>[My Number]>tap the purchased number> tap [Check APN Settings] to get the APN info. and setting steps.
(3) Go to handset's [Settings] to enable Data roaming
(4) Create an APN manually and enable it to successfully connect to the internet.
Go to APP>[My Number]>tap the purchased number> tap [Check APN Settings] to get the APN info. and setting steps.
The validity of the purchased prepaid package starts on upon first usage in destination country. Please also note that unused product will expire 60 days upon purchased.
The prepaid packages of our company are telecommunication type products; it cannot be cancelled or refunded once they are downloaded and activated.
Go to "My Number Page" Click "ACTIVATE" to re-download. Make sure user is connected to DATA or WIFI
Please click the link below, for the list of Data Packages per country and the mobile Network Operators.
Click here

SIM Sticker
We don't recommend reattaching the original SIM sticker onto new SIM cards; Once it was damaged by doing so cannot be reissued and the data within cannot be transferred.
Yes, no problem. And you have to click reset button in APP [Settings] after change.
CDMA SIM ( few operator use this sim, like AU Japan) , NFC Feature (few 3G/4G sim has this feature )
Take out the Sim Card, press sticker and home sim tightly and then put it back to the Sim slot. If after this, it still show "No Service". Go to Setting and select “ Sim Manager” and manually select the local network. If setting the local manually did not work, then its Home Sim Compatibility issue and suggest for client to use regular sim card.

Support Email
Please email us at for any questions or suggestions.

CambodiaAsia & Oceania 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackMetfone(Viettel)
Asia & Australia 8-Day Unlimited DataMetfone
ChinaAsia & Oceania 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackChina Unicom
Hong KongAsia & Oceania 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackHutchison 3G Hong Kong
Asia & Australia 8-Day Unlimited DataCSL
IndiaAsia & Australia 8-Day Unlimited DataAirtel
IndonesiaAsia & Oceania 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackPT INDOSAT, TBK
Asia & Australia 8-Day Unlimited DataTelkomsel
JapanAsia & Oceania 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackSoftbank
Asia & Australia 8-Day Unlimited DataSoftbank
LaosAsia & Oceania 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackStar Telecom (Unitel)
Asia & Australia 8-Day Unlimited DataLao Telecom
MacauAsia & Oceania 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackCTM Macau
Asia & Australia 8-Day Unlimited DataCTM
MalaysiaAsia & Oceania 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackDigi
Asia & Australia 8-Day Unlimited DataMaxis
MyanmarAsia & Australia 8-Day Unlimited DataOoredoo
NepalAsia & Australia 8-Day Unlimited DataNcell
PhilippinesAsia & Oceania 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackGlobe
Asia & Australia 8-Day Unlimited DataGlobe
S.KoreaAsia & Oceania 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackSK Telecom
Asia & Australia 8-Day Unlimited DataSK Telecom
SingaporeAsia & Oceania 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackStarhub - SH
Asia & Australia 8-Day Unlimited DataSingtel
Sri LankaAsia & Australia 8-Day Unlimited DataMobitel
TaiwanAsia & Oceania 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackTaiwan Star
Asia & Australia 8-Day Unlimited DataTaiwan Mobile
ThailandAsia & Oceania 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackDTAC
Thailand 8-Day Unlimited DataDTAC
AlbaniaEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackALBtelecom
ArmeniaEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackUcom
AustriaEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackA1 MobilKom
BelarusEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackFE VELCOM/Mobile Digital
BelgiumEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackBelgacom/Proximus
BulgariaEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackMobilTel (A1)
CroatiaEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackVIPnet d.o.o.
Czech RepublicEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackO2 Czech Republic
DenmarkEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackTDC
EstoniaEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackTele2
FinlandEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackElisa
FranceEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackBouygues Telecom
GeorgiaEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackGeocell Ltd.
GermanyEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackTelefonica + E-Plus
GreeceEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackWind (TIM)
HungaryEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackT-Mobile Telekom
IcelandEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackNOVA
IrelandEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackMeteor Mobile
ItalyEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackTIM
KazakhstanEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackTele2/NEO/MTS
LatviaEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackLMT(TeliaSonera)
LiechtensteinEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackSalt
LithuaniaEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackTele2
LuxembourgEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackEPT (POST Telecom)
MacedoniaEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackVIP Mobile
MaltaEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackGO Malta
MontenegroEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackMtel
NetherlandsEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackKPN
NorwayEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackTeliaSonera Norge AS
PolandEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackPolkomtel/Plus - KM
PortugalEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackMEO
RomaniaEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackVodafone
RussiaEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackMTS
SerbiaEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackVIP Mobile
SlovakiaEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackO2 Slovakia
SloveniaEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackA1 (SI.Mobil)
SpainEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackMovistar (Telefonica)
SwedenEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackTele2
SwitzerlandEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackSalt/Orange
TurkeyEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackAvea (Turk Telekom)
United KingdomEurope 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackTelefonica (O2)
UkraineAsia & Oceania 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackOptuss
AustraliaAsia & Oceania 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data PackOptus
Asia & Australia 8-Day Unlimited DataOptus
New ZealandAsia & Oceania 1/3/5/7, 2GB(7Days) Data Pack2Degrees
NOTE: Hong Kong rate USD 0.38 is shipment by Post, more than USD 0.38 is shipment by Courier.
Bahrain $ 6.00
Cambodia $ 14.20
China/CN 1 (Chaoshan & Huizhoud (SWA)) $ 13.00
China/CN 1 (Dongguan (DGM)) $ 13.00
China/CN 1 (Guangzho (CAN)) $ 13.00
China/CN 1 (Shenzen ( SZX)) $ 13.00
China/CN 1 (South China Area (HAK)) $ 13.00
China/CN 1 (Zhujiang area ( ZUH) ) $ 13.00
China/CN 2 (Rest of China (CN)) $ 13.80
Hong Kong ( Quarry Bay) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Admiralty) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Causeway Bay) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Central District) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Chai Wan) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Cheung Sha Wan) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Fotan) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Hong Kong) $ 0.38
Hong Kong (Hung Hom) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Kennedy Town) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Kowloon Bay) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Kwai Chung) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Kwun Tong) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Lai Chi Kok) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Mong Kok) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (North Point) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Sai Wan) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (San Po Kong) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Sha Tin) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Sham Shui Po) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Sheung Wan) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Tai Kok Tsui) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Tai Koo Shing) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Tai Wan) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (To Kwa Wan) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Tsim Sha Tsui) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Tsuen Wan) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Wan Chai) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Yau Ma Tei) $ 50.00
Hong Kong (Yau Tong) $ 50.00
Indonesia $ 14.20
Japan $ 21.70
Korea $ 13.80
Kuwait $ 15.00
Laos $ 14.20
Macau $ 13.00
Malaysia $ 14.20
Oman $ 15.00
Philippine $ 14.20
Qatar $ 15.00
Saudi Arabia $ 15.00
Singapore $ 14.20
Taiwan $ 13.80
Thailand $ 14.20
Vietnam $ 14.20