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Dime World SIM provides a broad range Global Mobile Data and Internet Connectivity Solutions available in over 70 countries worldwide. Experience hassle-free data connectivity at its most competitive rates, without worrying on hefty roaming charges.

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One Revolutionary Brand Changes the Way We Define Connectivity

Worldwide Coverage

No need to buy and switch from one SIM to another every time you travel. Dime World works in over 70 countries worldwide


Dime World provides data roaming plans flexible on your data roaming needs. Download, Buy and Activate your desired data package anytime.


Dime World SIM delivers state-of-the-art data connectivity solutions on its best prices. No monthly fees, no top-up, no contract and no hidden roaming charges.

No Expiration

Travel memories may get old, but Dime World SIM doesn't! Not a frequent traveler? No worries, Dime World SIM is expiration-free

One SIM fits All.

This seamless sticker eliminates the hassle of switching SIM Cards for your every journey. Dime World Sticker SIM is a one-time application SIM that stays on your mobile device, works with your Home SIM be it in Regular, Micro or Nano cut and connects you to local networks during your international travels!

1 Regular SIM. 1 device. Works worldwide

Why hunt and keep countless local SIM Cards every time when you can have only one? Take this little piece with you while you navigate your way on different destinations around the world!

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